Survival Guide For Parents Of SMART Kids Struggling In Elementary School

Does your child ever run into these issues?                          mb_gold_guarantee

– Do they struggle with reading problems?

– Can they never ‘get’ tying their shoes?

– Is buttoning shirts and pants a never-ending chore?

– Does math and spelling feel unusually unnatural to them?

– Can they never seem to sit still or pay attention?

– Is it hard for them to write down their ideas on paper, let alone hold a pencil?

These problems could be related to something bigger…but it doesn’t have to be a life-sentence for them.

We’re Dr. Douglas C. Curtiss and Lucie M. Curtiss: the dyslexia experts. For 18 years we’ve worked with hundreds of parents to take their struggling kids from being frustrated, sad and misunderstood to being happy and confident that they can achieve anything. Now we’d like to help you.

Every morning they struggle to get ready for school. They come home and other kids made fun of them and called them stupid. Their teachers are upset from their ‘lack of effort’. It can be brutal for someone their age and quickly starts affecting their self-esteem.

You’ve tried reaching out, tried to help them, but nothing seems to get through. The frustration can be overwhelming for a loving parent. “I know my child is smart — why are they struggling so much?”

Your child might be dyslexic..and we’ll help you figure out for sure. Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that involves slow reading and trouble assigning the sounds to letter combinations. This leads to a difficulty with reading, writing and spelling.

It’s not easy to hear that your child may have been born at a disadvantage from everyone else, but that doesn’t have to stop them from living a happy, normal life.

Luckily, there’s something you can do to help them. Our proven tools have helped hundreds of parents and children get past this ordeal and triumph to the other side.

We’ve handpicked the very best techniques for overcoming these difficulties and bundled them to help you see a real difference for your child. Guaranteed.

This isn’t an easy journey for anyone – and like anything else, it takes time. To make things easier for your busy life, we’ve made this program as accessible as possible with videos and key points laid out below.

Topics we’ll cover:

  – Reading

  – Symptoms Associated with Reading

  – Writing

  – Spelling

  – Speech / Hearing

  – Math (Dyscalculia)

  – Organization / Memory

  – Fine Motor Skills

  – Visual / Spatial Sense

  – Social, Emotional, Behavioral, Developmental, Personality

  – Strengths and Gifts

Take the first step to helping ensure your child’s amazing future


The Survival Guide for Parents of SMART Kids Struggling In Elementary School

the comprehensive video package for parents of children with difficulty in school who want their children to stop struggling with their natural difficulties and lead a happy, success-filled life.

Buy now and get:

* A laid out, easy-to-understand guide of the best techniques to recognize dyslexia, that you can go through at your own pace.

* Strategies that work to help your child master skills as easily as other kids pick them up.

* The roadmap to rebuilding your child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Buy now for $27. Everything from Dyslexic And Unstoppable comes with our 100% satisfaction, no-questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. If anything does not exceed your expectations, just let us know and we’ll make things right for you.

What parents are saying:

* “As a mom of a son who has recently been diagnosed with Dyslexia I loved this book. Good blend of personal story and helpful hints. I found it infectiously positive and exciting and am less overwhelmed about the journey that faces my family. I am excited and can’t wait to figure out all the amazing talents my son has been blessed with. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.” – Sally

* “One of the best books for dyslexic help that I’ve read recently. I wish this book was available when I was a kid.” – Denice

You want to help your struggling genius as much as we do. That’s why if you have any questions about our program, feel free to contact us at:

Take the first step to helping ensure your child’s amazing future




Still unsure of your decision?  READ ON!

You know your child is smart.  Yet you see him struggling with skills that other children seem to master quickly.  You may have even started to see it affect his self-esteem.  Now is the time to do something.  Download the Survival Guide and start your child on the road to becoming UN-Stoppable!



Buy with confidence, knowing that everything at Dyslexic And UN-Stoppable comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If anything does not exceed your expectations, just let us know and we’ll make things right for you.





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mb_gold_guaranteeWe are so confident that you will find this course valuable that we give you the following guarantees:

Guarantee #1 – Try it for 30 days.  If you are not completely satisfied, just email us at with your proof of purchase and we’ll gladly refund 100% of your money.

Guarantee #2 – After 30 days, contact us and we will do whatever we can to help you receive the results you desire.

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