Dyslexic & UN-Stoppable – The Book

Dyslexic And UN-Stoppable

How Dyslexia Helps Us Create the Life of Our Dreams and How You Can Do It Too!

Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of services and testing for your dyslexic child? Have you felt confused about the school system and all of the complex rules and regulations?

Believe us. We know exactly how you feel. We used to be in the same situation. We have never met, but from our experience, we know two things about you:

  1. You love your child and will do anything for her.

  2. You have been frustrated by the lack of services and testing available through the school system.

We were in the exact same position. We knew our son was smart. In fact he was gifted and insightful. Yet, he was struggling in school. We looked at special education, traditional reading classes, and even online sources. We knew there had to be a better way. What if you could find that better way? What if you could give your child the tools and strategies to excel at school? What if you could find the encouragement to make your child un-stoppable?

Lucky for us, and now for you, we had the good fortune to find the best reading classes. we have investigated all of the techniques out there. We have tried all of the nutritional supplements and school aids. Now we are revealing to you in this incredible book how you, too, help your child excel at school!

This new breakthrough book by Lucie Curtiss, author, business owner, nurse and mother that shows how to inspire your child to reach his or her dreams. The book is written in a funny and easy-to-read format that will keep you laughing while you are learning specific tools and strategies to help your child with dyslexia overcome any challenge.

Sound impossible? It’s not.

This book, “Dyslexic & Un-Stoppable – How Dyslexia Helped Us Achieve The Life Of Our Dreams And How You Can Too” will show you just that.

How this book will transform your child’s education …..permanently.

In this amazing book you will learn:

  1. Specific early signs that should alert you to the possibility that your child has dyslexia.

  2. Real-world tools and strategies that the author uses in her life and her son’s life to succeed.

  3. Strategies to speak with teachers and school systems so you can effectively advocate for your child.

  4. Answers to all of your questions from a Yale-trained pediatrician and the father of a dyslexic child.

The best part of this unique book is that each chapter is presented both in the traditional left-brained, linear fashion and in a more right-brained visual fashion. That way you can take advantage of all of the concepts in the book, regardless of how you learn. Also since right-brained thinkers and Dyslexics tend to be very visual learners, you will have access to an incredible online library of videos.  Each video details a technique to help your child with reading, spelling, math, nutrition and so much more.  Even better, you get access to this video library as a free bonus for purchasing the book. Check the video to learn about all of the book’s unique features.

What other people are saying about Dyslexic AND UN-Stoppable…

  • The book is easy to read and follow (even for non-Dyslexics :-)). The book makes me feel as though the authors are there sharing their experiences and providing tools and techniques they learned. The book makes me reflect on myself, my childhood and my children. Thank you for bringing this book into my life at the right moment in time for my son and I. What the authors described in the book relates to my current situation with my son. He is smart and can creatively build things from any object. Unfortunately the school system tagged him as a slow learner or English is his second language. He's born and raised in the US and speaks fluent English. After reading this book, I do not worry or stress over what the school system tagged my son, but I'm even more proud of him and his abilities. - Trang H.  
  • "Thank you! Your presentation was amazing!  Everyone enjoyed it.  Even the other speakers were taking notes.  It was a wonderful event. Thank you so much."
    • Diana Soltren, Founder, Dyslexia Rocks, Inc.
  • "As a mom of a son who has recently been diagnosed with Dyslexia I loved this book. Good blend of personal story and helpful hints. I found it infectuously positive and exciting and am less overwhelmed about the journey that faces my family. I am excited and can't wait to figure out all the amazing talents my son has been blessed with. Thank you for sharing your knowledge." - Sally
  • "I really appreciate these videos. I've made all those mistakes and it haunts me! I'm so grateful to know I'm not the only person who's gone through all of this. Thank you for the work you're doing to bring awareness and help to those of us who need it!" - Meg S.
  • "One of the best books for dyslexic help that I've read recently. I wish this book was available when I was a kid." - Denice
  • "So happy to find a book that is truly useful for my dyslexic patients and for those who support them. Excellent, straightforward info summed up in pearls at the end of the chapter and enhanced with video snippets- was a really genius way to deliver this very important information to various types of learners. I recommend this to parents of my dyslexic patients, to my patients and to other pediatricians. I've gifted it too, to an adult friend who wishes she had been able to read this book and understand her dyslexia at a much younger age. Lots of books out there. This one's a keeper."
    - Jennifer S., M.D.. pediatrician

So it’s decision making time… Buy the book in print edition on Amazon.com or download the E-book instantly.

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