Consultations With Dr. Curtiss

Do you need personal help for your dyslexic child?  

Do you have questions that you just can’t find the answers to?  

Would you like to have direct access to a Yale-trained pediatrician with over 18 years of helping parents navigate the school system?

Your in luck!  Dr. Curtiss is now offering one-on-one Skype conversations.


How you can benefit from a conversation with Dr. Curtiss:amazon-best-seller

  1. One-on-one attention to get your specific questions answered

  2. Help with reviewing testing you have had done for your child

  3. Help with how to approach the school to get the appropriate services

  4. Help deciding what programs are available in your area and which one would be right for your child.

You can even email you questions and information in advance for Dr. Curtiss to review so that you can have an extremely effective conversation.

Our goal with these conversations is to give you specific actionable steps that you can take to help your child succeed in school.

To apply for this great opportunity click the links below

One hour consult (best value) $297


1/2 hour consult $197



Apply right now.  Dr. Curtiss’ schedule is currently booked three weeks in advanced.  Act now so that you can have your plan in place for the new school year.

Disclaimer – This conversation with Dr. Curtiss is for informational purposes.  No doctor-patient relationship will be established.  The conversation will not contain medical advice and is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.
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