Five Steps You Can Take Right Now
To Help Your Dyslexic Child

Where to start to make sure you get the right help

What area of school to work on first

How assistive technologies can make your life easier

How a multi-sensory approach can help your child

How to communicate with the school to obtain the services
you need and maintain a collaborative atmosphere

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Our Best Dyslexia Help

• Seven Steps To Living The Life Of Your Dreams
    With Dyslexia

• The Survival Guide For Parents Of SMART Kids
     Struggling In Elementary School

• Spelling Words For Dyslexic Children

• Sight Words For Dyslexic Children

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Dyslexia Experts

Dr. Douglas C. Curtiss

Doug is a Yale-trained pediatrician, Amazon #1 best-selling author,
dedicated to helping dyslexic children rediscover their inner power.

Lucie M. Curtiss, R.N.

Lucie is a dyslexic, best-selling author and entrepreneur whose mission
is to remind dyslexic children that they are smart.


Your First Stop To Help Your Dyslexic Child

What Does Your Child Need Help With?

Guidance In The School System

Guidance In The School System

Guidance To Get The Services Your Child Need

  • Take advantage of Dr. Curtiss’ 19 years of experience
  • Learn how to navigate the school system
  • What services are available outside the school

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Reading and Spelling Tools and Strategies

Reading and Spelling Tools and Strategies

Specific tools to help with:

  • Spelling & Sight Words
  • Dyslexia vs. ADHD
  • Seven Steps To Creating A Life Of Your Dream With Dyslexia

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The empowerment to help your  child be UN-Stoppable

  • Specific ways to help your child gain confidence
  • Practical tools so your child finds real success
  • Methods to help your child learn her strengths

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Your First Stop To Help Your Dyslexic Child

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Need help for your struggling reader right now?spelling 3

Download our free video series, “Five Steps To Help Your Struggling Reader” In this video series we share our best secrets of what we did when our son was struggling in first grade.  Back then we tried different tools and strategies, then selected the best aspects from each source.  We used these tools to help our son succeed and become an honor roll student.Now we have put these tools and strategies into a free five part video series.  In this series you will learn:

  • Where to start to make sure you get the right help
  • What area of school to work on first 
  • How assistive technologies can make your life easier
  • How a multi-sensory approach can help your child
  • How to communicate with the school to  obtain the services you need and maintain a collaborative atmosphere


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We have answers for you.


Your First Stop To Help Your Dyslexic Child

Are you the mother of a struggling reader or dyslexic child?

Have you become disillusioned by the system seeing only your child’s difficulties?

Are you looking for inspiration and resources to help your child excel at school and life?

Dyslexic And Unstoppable has the answers for you.

Difficulty reading, dyslexia, and associated learning disorders such as dysgraphia, do not need to stop your child from being a success at school.

Not sure where to start? Grab our free 5 video series, Five Steps You Can take Right Now To help Your Dyslexic Child Join us and help your child discover the hidden treasure of having dyslexia.

To see what is possible when your dyslexic child re-discovers his inner power, visit Felix-Alexander’s site,, to help save sharks


Meet the Dyslexic AND UN-Stoppable Team


What People Are Saying About Dyslexic AND UN-Stoppable

  • "This is a very important topic. Looking forward to the next video." - Deb P.
  • The book is easy to read and follow (even for non-Dyslexics :-)). The book makes me feel as though the authors are there sharing their experiences and providing tools and techniques they learned. The book makes me reflect on myself, my childhood and my children. Thank you for bringing this book into my life at the right moment in time for my son and I. What the authors described in the book relates to my current situation with my son. He is smart and can creatively build things from any object. Unfortunately the school system tagged him as a slow learner or English is his second language. He's born and raised in the US and speaks fluent English. After reading this book, I do not worry or stress over what the school system tagged my son, but I'm even more proud of him and his abilities. - Trang H.  
  • "So happy to find a book that is truly useful for my dyslexic patients and for those who support them. Excellent, straightforward info summed up in pearls at the end of the chapter and enhanced with video snippets- was a really genius way to deliver this very important information to various types of learners. I recommend this to parents of my dyslexic patients, to my patients and to other pediatricians. I've gifted it too, to an adult friend who wishes she had been able to read this book and understand her dyslexia at a much younger age. Lots of books out there. This one's a keeper."
    - Jennifer S., M.D.. pediatrician
  • "Best source of information on dyslexics - dyslexics are so misinterpreted I have been reading lots of info on this as my daughter has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia and the fact is I have read lots of people s opinions on this and for me the only book worth giving any of your time to read is this one. I have much admiration for the author and her family. thank you all for your insight into a very misinterpreted attribute you have and you have only confirmed my beliefs as to how special it is to be dyslexic . I am going to recommend that we use this book in the hope of raising awareness in school.😀"
  • "As a mom of a son who has recently been diagnosed with Dyslexia I loved this book. Good blend of personal story and helpful hints. I found it infectuously positive and exciting and am less overwhelmed about the journey that faces my family. I am excited and can't wait to figure out all the amazing talents my son has been blessed with. Thank you for sharing your knowledge." - Sally
  • "Thank you! Your presentation was amazing!  Everyone enjoyed it.  Even the other speakers were taking notes.  It was a wonderful event. Thank you so much."
    • Diana Soltren, Founder, Dyslexia Rocks, Inc.
  • "One of the best books for dyslexic help that I've read recently. I wish this book was available when I was a kid." - Denice
  • "I really appreciate these videos. I've made all those mistakes and it haunts me! I'm so grateful to know I'm not the only person who's gone through all of this. Thank you for the work you're doing to bring awareness and help to those of us who need it!" - Meg S.



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